Ephphatha - Be Opened!

Mitigating the suffering of disabled to create a ray of smile.

Jesus spoke "Ephphatha", which is Aramaic for 'be opened' and a deaf-mute man is released from his prison of silence. At Ephphatha Speech and Hearing Centre, we identify, evaluate and provide treatment and support for children and adults with speech, language & hearing disorders.

We offer a comprehensive list of programs, services and supports that include auditory-verbal therapies, children's audiology services, cochlear implant programs, management of developmental disorders, early intervention services and aural rehabilitation programs.


Provider of speech and hearing service
Ephphatha Vision Statement

We will help you hear the sounds that you have been missing for so long.

Our vision is to be the premier provider of speech and hearing services in every community that we serve.

Our mission is to give people with communication and hearing disorders the same opportunity to socialize as those with normal auditory-visual abilities. We want to make them see the brighter side of life like never before. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible. We provide the most modern innovative solutions. Dedicated to provide the best products and services available in the industry, we utilize the finest tools for diagnosis and prescribe appropriate strategies and aids for our customers. Our treatment is very comprehensive with the best available technologies and expertise assuring you with remarkable guaranteed results.

Auditory Implants - Ephphatha

Auditory Implants

Cochlear Implant Programme
Advanced Audiology - Ephphatha

Advanced audiology

Caring for the Hearing Impaired

3 Steps
To Better Hearing

Book a consultation

Take the first step in realizing your dream. Book a face-to-face consultation with our experts. Book online or call 8943340882.

Professional assessment

You are assessed by our experts for any congenital or acquired hearing impairment and developmental or acquired speech and language disorders.

Embrace a better life

Based on assessment we suggest appropriate treatment plans are implemented. Ongoing assessment is performed to assess progress.

Access Our World Class Facilities

Effective Programs

Consistent, transparent, and high-quality services & products.

Advanced Laboratory

Latest equipments for testing and evaluation of conditions.

Hearing Assessment

Detailed assessment of hearing for all ages.

Hearing Aid Implants

Implantation of hearing aids of all major brands.

Qualified Audiologists

Highly specialized in hearing aid fitting and programming.

Hearing Aid Aftercare

Training and instructions for caring of hearing aids.